Opening Day Exclusive: unPeterAngelos institutes new Camden Yards policies

unPeterAngelos graced our presence with an exclusive interview last Opening Day, this year he’s decided to unveil his new policies for Camden Yards in yet another scorching exclusive only seen here at The City That Breeds.           FROM THE DESK OF UNPETERANGELOS Welcome back, Orioles fanatics. It’s my pleasure to introduce […]

Opening Day – what’s the low down?

The Oriole’s first home game, “Opening Day” as some like to call it, is – I can hardly believe it – in exactly one week, on April 4th. Last year I rode straight dirty and dumped buckets of swillish beer down my gullet at Cross St. Market starting at 9am, stumbled my way belchingly to […]

Buck Showalter to debut new Orioles training technique

Newly minted Orioles manager is set to introduce a new and controversial method for preparing his squad for the upcoming season, at a time when the Orioles’ stadium attendance is at an all-time low and their pre-Showalter performance had been biblically terrible. The technique’s codename: Glower Power. Mr. Showalter minced no words and took to […]

Luke Scott dislikes Obama, sad about lack of guns

In other political news, the Orioles’ designated hitter Luke Scott does not believe that the President was born in the US. For the constitutionally inept, if true, Obama would be ineligible for the Presidency. Obviously, this is a pretty controversial position, if you’re retarded. The full interview at Yahoo Sports is full of enlightening little […]

Ray Lewis has a new nickname, embrace it

In a press release yesterday, Dunkadelic Sports Marketing representative Derrick Vaugh (Basketball & Hip-Hop That’s Dunkadelic!) alerted the entirety of all Baltimore news media outlets that effective immediately, linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will forthwith be known as “Raytorious L52.” The nickname is designed to liken Ray Lewis to Notorious B.I.G. as “The […]