Opening Day – what’s the low down?

The Oriole’s first home game, “Opening Day” as some like to call it, is – I can hardly believe it – in exactly one week, on April 4th. Last year I rode straight dirty and dumped buckets of swillish beer down my gullet at Cross St. Market starting at 9am, stumbled my way belchingly to the stadium shortly before the opening ceremony and ended up leaving the game by the 6th inning of out disgust at the extreme lack of Orioles Magic being displayed on the field. I think the rest of the day ended in mostly sobbing in a gutter somewhere.

But I digress – that’s what *I* did last year, but what are your Opening Day traditions/plans/and what not? What bars are having the best OD parties (And I don’t want to hear Sliders or Pickles, we already know about them)? I’ve heard Quigley’s Half-Irish Pub (633 Portland St., Ridgley’s Delight) has a pretty rockin’ all day blowout, which is far enough from the stadium throngs for manageability, but still perfectly within walking distance. On the other hand, Noble’s (1024 S Charles St., Federal Hill) is having a $20, AUCD with a buffet celebration if that floats your boat.

Personally, I’m actually kind of jazzed to check out some of the new food and beer selections at Camden Yards this year. The hubbub is that Mr. Burns Peter Angelos and the Orioles organization have dumped $11 million into expanding the food choices with an emphasis on Maryland culture, so while you’ll probably be dropping $25 on a crab quesadilla or $6 per Berger cookie, at least you’ll have more choices; though, I think most people would probably balk at the idea of eating anything other than peanuts, hot dogs and shitty nachos at any baseball game.

GO O’s!

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5 thoughts on “Opening Day – what’s the low down?

  1. I thought about doing a bar specials roundup, buit then decided it was too much like journalism/actual work. I’ll probably just go to the nearest bar to my house, which can always be counted on to have the game on with a couple fans watching.

    It’ll be nice to go low-key after doing it big last year.

  2. No Idea Tavern is opening at noon with AUCD til 7pm for $20 and then ladies can receive all you can drink Wine, Miller Lite and rail drinks from 4pm til close for $10. No Idea has the baseball package from Directv, showing all the baseball games.

  3. If you go to Quigley’s, be sure to say hello to the owner, Quiggles. He loves it when you call him Quiggles. Quiggles has a stomach that jiggles.

  4. Somehow I got signed up for some all you can drink thing at Stalking Horse that goes from 12 to 2. I’m not sure if tickets are still available but from what I can remember it’s a a pretty good deal.

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