Ray Rice’s secret to success, according to CBS

  As we await this Sunday’s Conference Championship game in which the Baltimore Ravens face off against the New England Patriots aired on CBS, let’s take a look back at some of the commentary between announcers Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf this past Sunday during the Ravens/Texans game that didn’t make the broadcast. Greg n […]

Ring of Honor wrestling comes to Baltimore, is entertaining

A short while ago I received a phone call from my ol’ buddy Tom explaining that he’d be coming up to town for a Ring of Honor show at Duburns Arena, a wrestling group I had never heard of but apparently is gaining a lot of traction in recent history due to it getting picked […]

This whole “Complacent Reynolds” thing is pretty funny

As it popped up the other day on Orioles Hangout, a delightful thread about a delightful photo of one Baltimore Oriole Mark Reynolds nonchalantly eating a bag of sunflower seeds as Red Sock David Ortiz baseruns his way past, seemingly complacent in the whole affair. The photo in and of itself is hilarious, and then […]

WTF Baltimore FOP3, WTF

And there we all were, watching the Orioles proceed to give it allllll up to the Red Sox last night as the bullpen had what can only be described as a “goddamn meltdown” – the Baltimore Interwebs expressing its distaste with the team for essentially giving up a sure thing after practically sleeping their way […]

Dear Baltimore Bars/Restaurants: Charge Yankees Fans More

And so tonight begins the fabled mass invasion of Yankees fans coming to Baltimore as the weekend series begins, which is sort of like those loud droning cicadas that appear every 17 years, but instead they appear a few times every year, and they’re a lot fatter. At any rate, one of the driving forces […]

An evening of amateur boxing – Glen Burnie style!

So there I was, somehow on my way to Michael’s 8th Avenue (7220 Grayburn Drive, Glen Burnie) with a press seat ringside waiting along with some legitimate press people covering the event, it’s straight up Golden Gloves amateur boxing, old school to the core. How old school, you ask? Let’s just say we asked the […]