SACK with Carne Cabeza

The week in sports gone by! Tuesday started on a low note. We were officially eliminated from the playoffs by the lowly, Toronto Blue Jays Wednesday started things in an upward direction! Schoop made his debut at second and quickly had a hit and later followed it with a home run! Thursday, Miguel Gonzales threw […]

Sports Are Crazy Kool (SACK) with Carne Cabeza

Alt: Carne’s Corner: Baltimore Sports Week in Review (Week of 9/24) What a crazy week it’s been. It has been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. We started with high playoff hopes, taking 2-3 from both the Blue Jays and the division leading Redsox, going in to a four game series with […]

Opening Day Exclusive: UnPeterAngelos gets artistic with player haikus

Orioles Owner UnPeterAngelos graces our editorial desk with yet another Home Opener exclusive, aren’t you jealous? Hello, Oriole Money-Teets. Welcome to an exciting season of baseball in the asbestos capital of the world. As you might have guessed, I’m a bit of a poet. And the brisk tingle of a reluctant spring, has set my […]

O’s vs. Nats: a forced rivalry?

There’s a lot to be said in this world about the whole “Baltimore versus DC” thing when it comes to most things in life: Cost of living (Baltimore is better), public transportation (DC is better), bars full of smug, douchey entitled assholes paying far too much for Rum and Diets (DC), crackheads (DC, their *mayor* […]

UnPeterAngelos reveals new Camden Yards features to celebrate 20th season

UnPeterAngelos, overlord and master of Camden Yards, unveils new features at the esteemed ballpark to celebrate its 20th birthday. These new features are design to fall in line and synergize with last year’s new policies list, which were wildly successful in bolstering attendance numbers to record levels. Enjoy the new facilities folks! FROM THE DESK […]

For 2012 season, Baltimore Orioles implement “Nuclear Option”

The Baltimore Orioles have had their fair share of up-the-sleeve tricks up their sleeves in the past few seasons in an effort to glean an extra victory or two out of their performance which could be described as “Incredibly piss poor even for farm league,” from literal Orioles Magic, to Velociraptor Clones, and some that […]