CTB Show 438: WAP But Acoustic

It’s the very late or very early depending on how often you listen Holiday Podisode! Bryan finally graduates college, bizarre children’s holiday plays, Inner Harbor “Urbex,” and a very lengthy discussion of Tim Burton are some of the highlights. Enjoy! Merry Holidays! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW

Evening Magazine: Microprose!

Take a trip in the wayback machine yall, Microprose employees and their can-do attitude produce the most advanced war simulators ever made, ever. Featured is the in-development F-15 Strike Eagle game by Microprose co-head Sid Meier, the legendary game developer behind Civilization and X-COM (among so many others!). Co-head Bill Stealy hams it up big […]

Baltimore Had a Baltimore’s Best Sports Festival, Apparently

The year: 1985. Yolanda Gaskins (with a brief intro from the always fetching DHams, Donna Hamilton) details a LOT of B roll footage of white people riding bikes, playing tennis, and playing golf in 1985’s BALTIMORE’S BEST SPORTS FESTIVAL. Wow! We’ve got to assume this was a Willy Don idea, right, because this city-wide celebration […]

Tom Shellenberger, Baltimore’s Dracula

Readers, viewers, listeners, I am a Mayor obsessed: With vintage clips from Evening Magazine. I’ve been scouring the Interwebs for Baltimore’s wholesome human interest pieces that ran daily(? I think) from 1977 to 1990. It’s so great! I’ll be uploaded these treats to our Youtube Channel (and subscribe!) semiregularly to our “Baltimore Ephemera” playlist, so […]

S.O.S. I.P.! (Support Our Service Industry People)

Hi Everyone, As you may well be aware there’s some sort of mysterious virus killing everyone and everything everywhere and the governor of Maryland has decided to shut down well, everything, which royally sucks for everyone involved but mostly the people that are hourly employees that otherwise cannot take off work, lest they not be […]