3 Alternatives to PETA’s proposed help to keep the Poe House open

The Daily Record initially broke the news on January 31st that Baltimore’s Edgar Allen Poe house, a museum no one goes to, could be forced to shut down in 2012 unless it maintains funds previously given by the city to keep the Poppleton rowhome-slash-museum up and running. Over the course of the past few weeks […]

Ray Lewis has a new nickname, embrace it

In a press release yesterday, Dunkadelic Sports Marketing representative Derrick Vaugh (Basketball & Hip-Hop That’s Dunkadelic!) alerted the entirety of all Baltimore news media outlets that effective immediately, linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will forthwith be known as “Raytorious L52.” The nickname is designed to liken Ray Lewis to Notorious B.I.G. as “The […]