City That Chats – Kris Burnett

I recently conducted an interview with Kris Burnett, a Community Activist who is running for the Baltimore City Council in the eighth Councilmanic district. The audio is below. If you’d like to connect with Kris, he’s available on multiple forms of social media as he has a Facebook Page, a Twitter account. You can also connect […]

The City That Chats: Zeke Cohen

With 2016 around the corner, Dennis takes time to interview Zeke Cohen, a candidate for the 1st District of the Baltimore City Council. They talk Education, Civic Engagement, and Zeke’s ideas for Baltimore should he be elected. If you want to learn more about Zeke, he has a campaign website, a Facebook page, and can also be found […]

The City That Chats: Liam Davis

  The City That Chats returns Dennis to Southeast Baltimore where he speaks with Liam Davis, a local activist who currently works for Baltimore City Government. Liam gets extra props for trudging to the Hills of Hamilton to have this chat! You can learn about Liam by visiting his website, or on twitter at @voteliamdavis.

Day of Dialogue? You asked for it.

Hello My Wonderful CTB Family, It is your friendly, neighborhood, self-appointed Bishop here. Today I’m going to get a little serious up in here. I’m going to go more “church” than usual. “Why?” you ask. Because there are some hurting people out there in our fair Baltimore that need encouragement and healing. We’ve got some […]

Letters: Don’t Be Fooled By Andy Harris On Marijuana

by Paul M Gardner  On Sunday The Sun printed another editorial written by a conservative republican decrying the potential decriminalization of marijuana in Maryland, this latest one by United States Congressman and physician Andy Harris. Dr. Harris makes the point that in states where marijuana is decriminalized use among minors increases. He also notes that […]