Ray Lewis has a new nickname, embrace it

In a press release yesterday, Dunkadelic Sports Marketing representative Derrick Vaugh (Basketball & Hip-Hop That’s Dunkadelic!) alerted the entirety of all Baltimore news media outlets that effective immediately, linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will forthwith be known as “Raytorious L52.” The nickname is designed to liken Ray Lewis to Notorious B.I.G. as “The rap legend loomed large over the hip-hop landscape just as Lewis does on defense.” The “L” stands for “Legend,” while 52 refers to his jersey number.The release also nicknames Lewis “The Undisputed Defensive Heavyweight Champion” of the NFL, likening his upbringing, past turmoils and career longevity to that of Muhammad Ali.

So essentially, Ray Lewis is some sort of big fat rappin’ boxer football guy. I don’t want to use any hyperbole here, but this is the greatest sports nickname ever conceived by animal, mineral or vegetable.

He’s Unanimous, He Victorious, He’s the Raytorious L52, the Undisputed Defensive Heavyweight Champ.

Hey sure, sounds good to me! I love the raps! And boxing.

Not to be outdone …by itself, Dunkadelic Sports Marketing also gave Joe Flacco a new nickname a short while ago: “BL Cool J No. 5.” Let that one explain itself.

Thanks to Stan Sesna for the tip!

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