O’s vs. Nats: a forced rivalry?

There’s a lot to be said in this world about the whole “Baltimore versus DC” thing when it comes to most things in life: Cost of living (Baltimore is better), public transportation (DC is better), bars full of smug, douchey entitled assholes paying far too much for Rum and Diets (DC), crackheads (DC, their *mayor* […]

The Cafe Hon Kitchen Nightmares, watch it now

So here we are folks, less than a few hours away here’s the eagerly anticipated episode of Kitchen Nightmares in which we see the usual histrionics, meltdowns, cursing, et cetera – right here in Baltimore! The Cafe Hon saga, roughly 2.5 years in the making (see below), essentially came to a close this past November […]

Pizza Boomerang: how is this not a viral sensation yet?

@npvajda tipped me off to this magically awesome video for Pizza Boomerang, a creation put together by Barcelona-based Sofa Experience Communications who apparently do a bunch of commercials for Burger King in Spain. Beside the point. On the point, this video RULES. It has literally everything you could possibly want in a video about pizza boomerangs: A […]

And now for some god awful Scientology raps

It’s been quite some time – slightly over three years – since I wrote my letter to the lawyers of the church of scientology who so graciously graced my mother’s doorstep in Catonsville and handed her a letter identifying me as a person of interest for my involvement with the rogue internet terrorists known as […]

Oh look, it’s Baltimore radio DJ Glenn Beck

So there I was, drunkenly surfing Youtube for some Mr. Ray’s Hair weave commercials when I stumble upon a gem of gems, a commercial for B 104 and their morning show, during which they’re *really excited* about giving away $10,000 to one lucky birthday winner! Recognize the guy in the middle sporting the Orioles jacket? […]