And now for some god awful Scientology raps

It’s been quite some time – slightly over three years – since I wrote my letter to the lawyers of the church of scientology who so graciously graced my mother’s doorstep in Catonsville and handed her a letter identifying me as a person of interest for my involvement with the rogue internet terrorists known as […]

ShamWow Vince, a true inspiration story

While I may have recently sort of  made it a point with tongue-in-cheek to proclaim Vince of ShamWow fame my personal hero, this time I might actually mean it. As it turns out, Vince Offer is not only an infomercial master, but a victim and subsequent comeback story of the abuses of the Church of […]

Scientology Digest – 10/28/2008

Dear E.D., Bruce, John, Charles, Guy, Katherine, Jonathan, Michael, Elizabeth, Colleen, Joseph, Ryan, Marion, Rebecca, Scott, Frank, Timothy, Sharon, Roger, Angeline, Michael, Michael, Zachary, “Charlie,” F. Wallace, Robert, Jennifer, Darryl, Peter, Dennis, Charles, Sara, Kimberly, Joan, Steven, Joseph, and Steven, How are you guys? Haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s it been, like […]

CoS Watch

Apostropher is essential reading regardless of subject. Evan Insert: The now infamous Jason Beghe teaser trailer was removed from Youtube and Mark Bunker’s account was suspended. The Village Voice ran a really damning interview with him on tax day that’s really, really worth reading. A Current Affair in Australia also ran a piece on the […]

Scientology Digest – 03/23/2008

Are YOU a cause of supression? Come on, think about it. Bah, you know what? I’m not even going to come up with some sort of long-winded, poetic intro for this digest. I happened upon a CoS booklet entitled “Causes of Suppression” on the intertubes – basically a booklet telling you why you should be […]