Top 4: Buttrock songs of all time (because 5 is one too many)

Ahhhhh Buttrock. Generic, uninspired aural diarrhea that has somehow actually managed to evolve – as far as primordial ooze can, in a way – into its own genre, its own way of life. And although the internet may provide varying opinions, as some consider Hair Metal or early 80’s Crotch Rock to be Butt Rock, […]

The Double Grenade invades Baltimore, is horrible

Filed under “things that should definitely not exist,” about a month or so ago the Internet spawned a horrific alcoholic catastrophe known as the Double Grenade (also dubbed the Inception Grenade), a shot of Jameson coupled with a Jager Bomb end with a dumping of Blue Curacao into a pitcher of Red Bull and Vodka. […]

GM sales up in China, here are some horrible Chinese crash test videos!

Widely widely reported today that General Motors is lauding their 6459867% increase in sales in China throughout 2010, a figure that might seem high upon first inspection, until you quickly search through the vast sea of Internets and realize that Chinese cars are either total knockoffs of better brands and models (the Shuanghuan Noble being […]

New! From Germany! This dogsh*t game!

In dem Falle, dass ihr noch keinen Plan habt, was ihr euren Kindern zu Weihnachten schenken wollt, versucht es doch mit diesem auf Hundescheisse basierenden Brettspiel! Der Sinn des Spiels ist sehr einfach: man füttert den Hund mit Plastikteilchen, würfelt und lässt den Hund auf eine Schaufel scheissen! Spass für die ganze Familie! Spielt ‘Kackel-Dackel’, […]