Divine and John Waters on Tom Snyder

Here’s a fun little clip, Tom Snyder being generally confused at John Waters’ fascination with sleaze, and a bonus clip, the original trailer from Pink Flamingos as aired (when I first saw it at least) at the 25th anniversary screening(s) of the film at the Charles Theater – when it still had one screen. Enjoy! […]

City That Breeds Bumper Stickers and The Rat Fishing Video Post

After this interesting-to-me-only exchange witnessed yesterday on Facebook, I found myself remembering this slightly uncomfortable Youtube video filed under “Wait this is a thing?” shot in 1995, where a guy from DC interviews the Baltimore Association of Rat Fisherpersons, or B.A.R.F., as they hold their 3rd annual (and final) rat fishing tournament at Yellow Rose […]

Watch Citizen Schaefer, it’s good

A lot of folks have been gushing over Esquire’s reprint of their 1984 profile on William Donald Schaefer, but over on Z on TV Mr. Zurawick draws attention to MPT’s 2009 feature “Citizen Schaefer,” a compelling look at the man’s career in Baltimore and the state of Maryland, chock full of interviews and archival footage […]