Your Daily Crazy

Word to the wise: the next time you’re at a party, don’t make fun of the guy farting, because he just might cut you and everyone around you! (Via Boing Boing) At a party this weekend in Bristol, Connecticut, a 21-year-old gentleman stabbed four people, killing one. Why? Apparently they were making fun of his […]

News of the World!

Like his confrere in Russia, Silvio Berlusconi is a controversial leader in Italy. From lavish gifts to female legislators to questionable business ties, Berlusconi is larger than life—and often acts larger than the law. His most recent scandal involves lavish parties thrown with models, prostitutes, and …more underage models. Just because a rich European leader […]

STFU, Parents

For those of us, so very many of us who are unendingly irritated by various friends and associates who insist on posting about their babies and children waaaay to much, there’s STFU, Parents – a tumblr consisting solely of irritatingly obnoxious parent updates on Facebook (with commentary!):

By the by, at least 75% of the baby names on this thing are ATROCIOUS

City Paper’s Sizzlin’ Summer – Pick it up today!

City Paper’s annual Sizzlin’ Summer edition is out today, which includes mine and yours’s’ favorite feature, the annual Coldest Beers listing. Such a fan of this section I am that I once created a glorious map of 2007’s list, and placed it gently on the internet (they even gave me a nod for it!). The […]