10 Websites from the Past 10 Years (that I have enjoyed) – Part 1

2009 is over and done with and the shittiest decade seen by the world in quite some time comes to a close. However, one thing that didn’t suffer over the past decade is internet comedy. Oh the humanity, our lovable series of tubes has produced a wide menagerie of content that the world has since […]

Fuzzy Hearts to a Baltimore Food Examiner

It was called to my attention while I was away last week that a particular Baltimore Restaurant Events Examiner (quite the mouthful), Jasmine Touton, has given wicked mad props to the WILDLY POPULAR and current long term City That Breeds project, NachoQuest. Knowing full well what she’s talking about, she had the following to say […]

City Paper’s BoB 2009 – How I Voted pt. 2

(pt. 1 here) The deadline to submit your Best of Baltimore votes for 2009 is September 1st. Go vote, people! (mouseover for text blobs) Nightlife (Best) Local Beer: Heavy Seas Hang Ten Happy Hour: Hands down, Ra Sushi. 1/2 off sushi and a huge list of drink specials, and a true air of “happy hour.” […]

City Paper’s BoB 2009 – How I Voted pt. 1

The time has come, dear Baltimore, to cast your votes for City Paper’s 2009 Best of Baltimore list. I went to the ballot party the other night at Max’s on Broadway and the turnout was in the …tens, nevertheless I did my civic duty and tried to come up with a nomination for every category […]