The Weekly Writing Assignment

There is a new Baltimore-based blog afoot in the intertubes known as Weekly Writing Assignment – an interesting site which issues a weekly writing challenge and solicits entries from readers. The first challenge, issued yesterday, involves writing a 300 word MAXIMUM story which must use the following 15 words: esophagus California propaganda imbue chortle bravado […]

Lamebook: the best of the worst.

Another day, yet another time wasting, productivity sapping bit of webspace that you shouldn’t be looking at but will anyway. Presenting Lamebook, a collection of submitted “Worst of the worst” of Facebook status updates, pictures and conversations. It’s truly inspired. Granted, one would only have to look around on Myspace for about three seconds to […]

The Museum of Bad Art

Bad Art finally has its own home: because as we all know, without a small plaque beneath it, it’s just not real art. [Disclaimer: I borrowed this digital copy of the classic — Sunday on the Pot with George — from the Museum’s website. Please visit them and consider donating to their worthy crusade.] Bonus […]