The Internet Bestiary, always growing

Since Evan has “crazy-homeless-people-blogging” locked up, we have to look elsewhere for expertise on the full variety of urban fauna. Earlier, we learned how to classify hipsters. Now the same careful scientific method has been applied to our darker subcultures: “Goths In Hot Weather“. If you’d like to contribute, I suggest camping outside of your […]

The Highway to Nowhere – a brighter future?

As has been reported by multiple sources in recent history, the eminent domain catastrophe attempt at extending I-70 during the 1970’s – lovingly known as “the highway to nowhere” – is being positioned to host the the very, very expensive MTA Red Line. Notably, Baltimore Brew ran a piece shedding a spotlight on a new […]

Hipsters in the mist

Now, if you can snap a picture fast enough, you can add to the Hipster Beastiary. You’ll be the Crocodile Hunter of Baltimore, The Marco Polo of Maryland, the Lewis and Clark of Hampden! Remember, these hipsters are in the wild, approach at your own risk. In order to get close without alarming them, disguise […]


(Muke) Its not bacon mind you, but coffee liqueur still sounds good. Can Evan whip this up in a month? (Evan) – It’s definitely on the list in one form or another. Sadly I don’t have the MONTHS the article seems to suggest is necessary, and I have yet to test the taste vs. time […]