5 Points Tavern – the long road to victory

1120 E. Fort Avenue in Locust Point has been a bar for a very, very long time. Longer than I’ve been alive, longer than my parents have been alive, longer than ….you get the point. To the longest stretch of my memory, it went from being a bar called French Quarter – a dark, unsettling […]

3 places other than the Inner Harbor NFL networks could shoot footage

If you’re like me, every time you watch a Ravens home game on the TeeVee you start grinding your teeth with impotent rage at the fact that every time the NFL folks come to town to shoot flyovers of M&T Bank Stadium and stock footage of Baltimore, it’s always the exact same thing: The Inner […]

Happy Flag Day, America

If you’re in Baltimore this week, head on over to some of our great city’s gigantic American flags – notably Federal Hill Park or Fort McHenry, and salute that mother out. Or, head on over to the Star Spangled Banner Flag House (844 East Pratt Street, Downtown) and see how Baltimore’s Mary Pickersgill created the […]