Oh, and as for Stephen Colbert’s challenge to Steele Thursday night to come on his Comedy Central show and have a rap-off on conservative issues? Steele says bring it on. Politico, via. Cross-posted, because this is a matter of general concern.

Pertinent Baltimore Blog – Baltimore Slumlords

Public service time here at The City That Breeds! A relatively new blog, Baltimore Slumlords, is out there detailing the urban blight problem in the city and making it just a bit more public. I had actually had it in my head that I was going to run a blight feature, and I probably still […]

ShamWow Vince, a true inspiration story

While I may have recently sort of  made it a point with tongue-in-cheek to proclaim Vince of ShamWow fame my personal hero, this time I might actually mean it. As it turns out, Vince Offer is not only an infomercial master, but a victim and subsequent comeback story of the abuses of the Church of […]