The HONtroversy Zeta – the ultimater flame war

In our last episode, City Paper had just published a feature-length interview with Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting, the contents of which completely backfired and caused an upswell of renewed ire at her for the then-recent revelation that she had trademarked the colloquial term “Hon.” And here we are months later, when Baltimore Sun reports […]

Damn You, Chipotle!

If there’s one thing for certain, Americans are total whores for Chipotle. Their streamlined ordering system, the pure deliciousness of their burritos, the …industrial styling? It’s all enough to send you into oblivion. Taste oblivion. And like you, I’m a total whore for Chipotle and went right ahead and watched this video promo for “America’s […]

Gambling for booze!

Alright well not really – but this entry into a hacking competition by a NYC hacker gr0up for hacking could make ordering a drink a little more fun; it’s a decommissioned Japanese slot machine that takes tokens, the resulting combination of the spin determines your drink! Check out the full text at Popular Science.

The HONtroversy Omega – the ultimate flame war

City Paper ran a less-than-timely and detailed interview with Denise Whiting this week, the oft-reviled and always controversial figurehead of Cafe Hon who – in case you were living at the bottom of the bay in the past few months – enflamed the city’s ire when she revealed she had placed a copyright on the […]