The City That Breeds – the b Interview

If you’re a reader of this heeeere site and ever wanted to know a little more “about we,” check out today’s spot on b, an interview with site-starter and primary (pronounced the European way) writer Evan.

Check it!

4 thoughts on “The City That Breeds – the b Interview

  1. Evan speaks sincerely: “[W]e lost an entire generation of our citizens because they were too afraid to deal with the city’s problems at the time.” Too unironically inspiring to be a real quote.

    Also a legal quibble, “citizen of earth” is a misnomer without a global political institution. You can be a “denizon” or a resident, but “citizen” implies a set of legal rights and responsibilities linked to democratic participation, which you don’t have at the earthly level. Besides, which political identity would take precedence: planetary or local? Perhaps he’s subtly arguing that our local and global political contexts are inextricably linked now; there is no local without a global? ZOMG, my brain just imploded. Quick I need a kitten!

  2. Because I spelled it incorrectly. With the appropriate number of E’s the dictionary thinks it’s a perfectly cromulent word.

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