The Necessity of White Noise

If you’re like me (male, ruggedly handsome), you might have a tough time getting to sleep at night if you’re in a setting that contains an overwhelming amount of silence. Every single little noise, whether it be a floorboard creaking or a truck exploding, will either roust you from almost-sleep or just plain prevent sleep […]

Awkward Stock Photos

Another day, another time-wasting blog to peruse or add to your reader. Awkward Stock Photos features the very awkwardest of photos available at various stock photo websites around the netiverse. This baby’s just gettin’ started and it’s already a hit with me!

10 Websites from the Past 10 Years (that I have enjoyed) – Part 2

Continuing our list of websites you may have missed from the past ten years or so, the remaining five websites are examples of those beloved sites that are no longer with us. Whether it be the stiff competition from other sites, lack of interest or just bad timing, these sites for whatever reason didn’t last. […]