The Baltimore Sun Mobbies 2010 – get your voting fingers ready

Roughly a year and change ago, the creative minds at the Baltimore Sun decided to fire up a contest honoring the state of Maryland’s “finest” blogs, across a range of topics from Arts n’ Crafts to the Ravens to …Food. The Mobbies were born and The City That Breeds was nominated in a few categories, and even took a few wins. This year, we / I / the royal we have been nominated in four categories, including a new category to the awards – “Best Twitter Feed.”

So it is with great gusto I thank whomever nominated this site, blog, whatever you like to call it, and big shoutouts to Pat for his Boozetime! writeups, SpaceManAndy for his advice, and all the other people I just forgot to mention. Voting starts on November 2nd, so get ready to click on some buttons and choose (us as) your favorite!

Event Plug – The Mobbies Gala

On October 14th, at the Metro Gallery (1700 N Charles St, Mount Vernon) in Baltimore, MD USA Planet Earth, the collected masses crammed into the mixed use venue will convene for the Baltimore Sun’s 1st annual Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs contest results, and will additionally celebrate this incredibly well crafted graphic: The festivities begin at 7pm […]

Fuzzy Hearts to a Baltimore Food Examiner

It was called to my attention while I was away last week that a particular Baltimore Restaurant Events Examiner (quite the mouthful), Jasmine Touton, has given wicked mad props to the WILDLY POPULAR and current long term City That Breeds project, NachoQuest. Knowing full well what she’s talking about, she had the following to say […]

City Paper’s BoB 2009 – How I Voted pt. 2

(pt. 1 here) The deadline to submit your Best of Baltimore votes for 2009 is September 1st. Go vote, people! (mouseover for text blobs) Nightlife (Best) Local Beer: Heavy Seas Hang Ten Happy Hour: Hands down, Ra Sushi. 1/2 off sushi and a huge list of drink specials, and a true air of “happy hour.” […]