City That Breeds Bumper Stickers and The Rat Fishing Video Post

After this interesting-to-me-only exchange witnessed yesterday on Facebook, I found myself remembering this slightly uncomfortable Youtube video filed under “Wait this is a thing?” shot in 1995, where a guy from DC interviews the Baltimore Association of Rat Fisherpersons, or B.A.R.F., as they hold their 3rd annual (and final) rat fishing tournament at Yellow Rose Saloon in Baltimore. The leader Chuck (that’s what I’d guess you’d call him) actually got a fair amount of text in this 2006 City Paper feature article on rats, moreso than that, a 1994 feature article solely devoted to his rat-fishing pursuits which actually received worldwide attention from The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. You can imagine, none of the press was very good. At any rate the ’06 CP article is fantastic, this video, not quite fantastic but it is sort of funny in that “What the hell were these guys thinking?” kinda way. …enjoy?

(no rats are harmed during the course of the video)

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