This whole “Complacent Reynolds” thing is pretty funny

As it popped up the other day on Orioles Hangout, a delightful thread about a delightful photo of one Baltimore Oriole Mark Reynolds nonchalantly eating a bag of sunflower seeds as Red Sock David Ortiz baseruns his way past, seemingly complacent in the whole affair. The photo in and of itself is hilarious, and then […]

WTF Baltimore FOP3, WTF

And there we all were, watching the Orioles proceed to give it allllll up to the Red Sox last night as the bullpen had what can only be described as a “goddamn meltdown” – the Baltimore Interwebs expressing its distaste with the team for essentially giving up a sure thing after practically sleeping their way […]

Dear Baltimore Bars/Restaurants: Charge Yankees Fans More

And so tonight begins the fabled mass invasion of Yankees fans coming to Baltimore as the weekend series begins, which is sort of like those loud droning cicadas that appear every 17 years, but instead they appear a few times every year, and they’re a lot fatter. At any rate, one of the driving forces […]

Opening Day Exclusive: unPeterAngelos institutes new Camden Yards policies

unPeterAngelos graced our presence with an exclusive interview last Opening Day, this year he’s decided to unveil his new policies for Camden Yards in yet another scorching exclusive only seen here at The City That Breeds.           FROM THE DESK OF UNPETERANGELOS Welcome back, Orioles fanatics. It’s my pleasure to introduce […]

Opening Day – what’s the low down?

The Oriole’s first home game, “Opening Day” as some like to call it, is – I can hardly believe it – in exactly one week, on April 4th. Last year I rode straight dirty and dumped buckets of swillish beer down my gullet at Cross St. Market starting at 9am, stumbled my way belchingly to […]