This whole “Complacent Reynolds” thing is pretty funny

As it popped up the other day on Orioles Hangout, a delightful thread about a delightful photo of one Baltimore Oriole Mark Reynolds nonchalantly eating a bag of sunflower seeds as Red Sock David Ortiz baseruns his way past, seemingly complacent in the whole affair. The photo in and of itself is hilarious, and then the internet does what it does best, started Photoshopping the crap out of it and placing Complacent Reynolds in all kinds of zany situations, from Tiananmen Square to Washington Crossing the Delaware to the Moon Landing. So Zany! Way to go, internet!

3 thoughts on “This whole “Complacent Reynolds” thing is pretty funny

  1. Aw man!  This has kept me in howls of laughter for days.  Love the baseball card pic.  I’ve loved hating on Mark-Ass Buster Reynolds all year and this just makes it more fun.   This will be more fun that hating on Aubrey Huff was. 

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