Nonplussed SRB disapproves of your event

We’ve been noticing a lot, as of late, that Baltimore’s own Stephanie Rawlings Blake has been appearing in photo ops looking a bit… disenchanted. As if, whether at a community planting for kids or at a budgetary hearing, SRB appears nonplussed, upset, bored, or possibly just detached from events surrounding her. Observe: Baltimore Brew caught […]

[name TBD] Curran to run for 3rd Council, victory expected

  City Hall, Baltimore – A happy announcement today as 61 year old 3rd District Councilman Bobby Curran announced that he is expecting a baby boy in August of this year. In anticipation of this event, Curran has announced his child’s candidacy for the 3rd Council district in 2031, which is when Curran anticipates retiring. […]

Mayor issues statements on recent homelessness, urban farming dramatics

Efforts to raise awareness of homelessness and implement urban farming tax breaks would cause a severe lack of poor people to express contempt towards, a spokesperson for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said. During a weekly press conference, spokesperson Ryan O’Dougherty defended the Mayor’s decision to send National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week participants away from War […]

Opening Day Exclusive: unPeterAngelos institutes new Camden Yards policies

unPeterAngelos graced our presence with an exclusive interview last Opening Day, this year he’s decided to unveil his new policies for Camden Yards in yet another scorching exclusive only seen here at The City That Breeds.           FROM THE DESK OF UNPETERANGELOS Welcome back, Orioles fanatics. It’s my pleasure to introduce […]

Time to play: name the bar/restaurant!

Here’s a fun game, I’m going to post a review (in this case, a really bad review) of a Baltimore area bar/restaurant/horse stable (you never know) – first person to guess the correct answer will win… something. AND AWAY WE GO! The slovenly server took our order, slipped out the front door, jumped into the […]

Free entry to Baltimore Comedy Factory tonight through Saturday

The Baltimore Comedy Factory has moved into its new home at Power Plant Live (6 Market Pl., Downtown) from the now shuttered Burke’s Restaurant upstairs, digs that logistically are a vast improvement in terms of access as opposed to walking through a restaurant into a cramped attic lobby. Going on nearly 30 years, the Comedy […]