Hampdenfest 2017 is a go for next Saturdee!

  The Hampden Village Merchants Association & The Hampden Community Council present HAMPDENFEST 2017 Saturday, September 9. 11AM – 7PM. The Avenue. FREE! 36th St. from Falls Rd. – Chestnut Ave. Hampden, Baltimore. website: hampdenfest.com facebook: facebook.com/Hampdenfest twitter: @HampdenFest Rain or shine. Hopefully shine. Hampden’s annual neighborhood celebration of arts and music hits The Avenue on Sept. 9. This […]

HONtroversy chapter 985767: Kitchen Nightmares edition

In case you hadn’t heard yet, the Baltimore Sun made a lil’ announcement that chef Gordon Ramsay’s show about restaurants that suck trying to get some tough love in an effort to save them from the brink of disaster – lovingly known as Kitchen Nightmares – will be or already has filmed an episode in […]

John Waters: Still ahead of the curve

What with HON™Fest spreading out its festering wings tomorrow through Sunday and all the flubbub going on with Denise™ Whiting’s™ latest antics, I started noticing folks electronically distributing USA Today’s “recent” interview with John Waters and his apparent swearing off on the word “Hon™” and Hon™ culture in general: “To me, it’s used up,” Waters […]

The HONtroversy Zeta – the ultimater flame war

In our last episode, City Paper had just published a feature-length interview with Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting, the contents of which completely backfired and caused an upswell of renewed ire at her for the then-recent revelation that she had trademarked the colloquial term “Hon.” And here we are months later, when Baltimore Sun reports […]


I’m no Chef Sam, but I do know of some pretty awesome thangs “on the barbie” for you to “eat” and by “eat” I mean “do” or “look at” going on in our fine city this weekend! (shill away in the comments, it’s encouraged) SAVE YOUR SOUL Golden West Cafe (1105 West 36th St., Hampden) […]


Places! Things! Do them! EVENT! Bar Bacon Comedy Night – Golden West Cafe (1105 W 36th St., Hampden), 10pm tonight Enjoy some standup comedy by Matt Baetz, Jen Tisdale, Adam Ruben, and host Jim Meyer. Will Dr. Doom show up again? Find out! ANOTHER EVENT! Arty Hill`s Honky Tonk Dance Party – The Patterson (3134 […]