CTB Show 217: A Very Nazified Episode

The gang gets deep into discussing what to do about a Nazi flag in the neighborhood. Then they eat some nacho fries, discuss the Olympics, a terrible craft beer bill coming out of Annapolis and lots more!

CTB Show 212: Announcements and Predictions!

Happy New Year from the CTB Show! We kick off 2018 with a slew of very momentous announcements from the cast and crew, followed by a discussion of what 2018 might have in store for us all. And also the Keto diet, or something. Enjoy!

The most important poll of our days is upon us

BIG IMPORTANT THINGS, PEOPLE. The time has come to power rank the holiday beverages. — The Season That Greets (@citythatbreeds) December 1, 2017 Friends, the time has come to settle the non-existent debate that I made up last night: which of the top tier holiday beverages reigns supreme? Cider, Hot Cocoa, or Eggnog? Assumptions to […]

CTB Show 202: Cheese Pain

The podgang discusses the impending end of the world, eats very spicy cheese, and generally tries to deal with the world as it presents itself right now.

I had lunch at My Thai

I fucking love Thai food. At one point on our podca– sorry, “Internet Radio Show,” I explained to guest and esteemed member of the CTB Fanzone Xtreme Lowell Melser that if I had to pick one cuisine for the rest of my life, it would probably be Thai. Give me that Larb Gai, gimme that […]

I had Happy Hour at The Capital Grille

August 18th, I find myself at an Inner Harbor establishment which I’ve heard has a pretty decent happy hour – a few friends from downtown places of professionalism want to go and I know at least one person that works there, so I say to myself hey, it’s the 80s and beat feet through the […]