CTB Show 381: Joe Giordano, “Back of House”

The show is joined once again by Baltimore’s Photographer™ Joe Giordano to discuss a new book “Back of House,” a cookbook/photography book chock full of local recipes in an effort to support the Baltimore Restaurant Relief fund (100% of proceeds go to the non-profit, buy the book here! https://www.blurb.com/b/10840776-back-of-house) Then, more spooky movie chat and […]

CTB Show 377: A Nice Refreshing Chicken Salad Sushi

In a very whipsaw episode! Human Cheese, Blood Boys, organ farm babies, a crime spree in South Baltimore, celebrating the career of Michael K Williams (while mourning his loss), Star Trek Day, and HOT STEVE FROM BLUES CLUES TRUTHS!! THIS EPISODE HAS IT ALL! ALSO ON YOUTUBE YOU SHOULD WATCH!!