S.O.S. I.P.! (Support Our Service Industry People)

Hi Everyone,

As you may well be aware there’s some sort of mysterious virus killing everyone and everything everywhere and the governor of Maryland has decided to shut down well, everything, which royally sucks for everyone involved but mostly the people that are hourly employees that otherwise cannot take off work, lest they not be paid. Also Baltimore is a pretty rad city in terms of its restaurant and bar scene, and having all of these things shut down until further notice just plain fucking sucks, so what are we to do?

Baltimore Internet being what it is – usually terrible, sometimes amazing – today is one of those days that it did a good thing and produced some very useful documents:

Facebook User/Food Photographer/Probably Other Things Rachel Lipton created a fairly comprehensive list of Baltimore area eateries that have carry out or roadside pickup, or feature delivery. These places need your business, so check out the list!

Click here for the list

Additionally, since literally every single bartender, bar back, server, host or hostess, janitor, valet, etc etc etc are effectively out of work right now, they really, really, really need money.

Literally hundreds if not thousands of people aren’t able to support themselves in general in America in the service industry and this until further notice situation has ensured that our service industry professionals are totally fucked financially. Fortunately, Baltimore Internet produced another handy spreadsheet on the Googles, the “Baltimore Virtual Tip Jar.” At current count, there are 634 people on the list and roughly half of them do not have health insurance. So, if you like, check out the list and look for your favorite bartender or server, they have listed for the most part their venmo/paypal/whatever handles and they could probably use a pay-it-forward-for-their-future-service to you that you love so much.

Click here for that particular list

Please share these lists and this blog post it’s a big goddamn deal!

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