CTB Show 471: The Wide World of Meat

The podgang discusses little kids being picky, tastes a Pumpking Ale, yaps about fountain soda flavors, Artscape fallin’ flat and a few other meandering topics on the front half. Then spooky season sort of kind of officially kicks off with a retrospective on Interview with the Vampire and episode 6 of Ahsoka. Then things just […]

CTB Show 469: General Hospital But With Vampires

The Podgang kicks off with another Doritos centric taste test, then a discussion of some Hot Goss in Baltimore. Essentially the rest of the episode is pop culture centric including The Neverending Story, The Flash, Freddy vs. Jason, Jimmy Buffet’s passing and more!!! Join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW)