Baltimore Had a Baltimore’s Best Sports Festival, Apparently

The year: 1985. Yolanda Gaskins (with a brief intro from the always fetching DHams, Donna Hamilton) details a LOT of B roll footage of white people riding bikes, playing tennis, and playing golf in 1985’s BALTIMORE’S BEST SPORTS FESTIVAL. Wow! We’ve got to assume this was a Willy Don idea, right, because this city-wide celebration of all things sport (utilizing our city facilities for actual sports, what a novel concept!) is just so William Donald Schaeffer.

So like hey, current mayor Brandon Scott, can we bring this back? The Running Festival™ is great and all but we do have like, tennis courts and baseball fields in the city. A city-wide competition would be awesome! (duly noted that COVID is still a thing and this emboldened parenthetical will be removed when it finally ends) Imagine the PR win that would be, especially with the increased interest in cycling in the last 30+ years, Baltimore could have a Grand Prix of cycling (still waiting on those trees to be replaced after the last Grand Prix, you assholes), or something. Anyway, give it some thought and let me know.

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