Spontaneous Deadification: The New Threat to Baltimore?

2008 has been a year of great progress for the city of Baltimore with regard to its murder rate; with fewer than 200 murders and less than three months to go until the year’s end, the city has not seen such numbers since before the infestation of crack cocaine in the early 1980s. But in […]

Baltimore News Threefer

(from Monday) Prosecutors try to make their jobs easier; slightly craftier murderers continue to murder Upon first glance, this plan ‘serves to increase the rate of convictions’ but if they outright refuse to prosecute a murder simply because they’re too fucking incompetent to protect a single witness or get them to testify, then we truly […]

Stay. Out. Of. Barclay.

One of the more fascinating reads coming out of the Baltimore media is most certainly The City Paper’s Murder Ink, a no-frills, no opinions box article detailing the week’s tally of Baltimore murders and ongoing updates on previous murder cases. And given the propensity for murder in this city, it usually has at least two […]