Update: Baltimore Flyer Watch

Just barely shy of a year ago, Pigtown resident and illegal flyer hater JJT fired up the reigns on a citizen-justice blog entitled Baltimore Flyer Watch, an obvi homage-slash-emulation of prominent Baltimore Slumlord Watch, with the aim of posting photos of the various carryout establishments of the area cluttering his doorway with illegal flyers. And […]

Police Commissioner: “We’ve Got Batman.”

At a press conference atop Baltimore City Police Headquarters Monday evening, Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld ceremonially flipped the power switch to a generator, operating an 800,000,000 candle power searchlight. A powerful beam streaked through the sky and illuminated the Inner Harbor with a familiar symbol. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” Bealefeld stated, “We’ve got Batman.” After a […]

Update: Judge sentences criminal to watch every Orioles game

Last September, in what had seemed to be a routine reckless endangerment case, Baltimore City Circuit Court judge Sylvester B. Cox handed down a sentence to defendant Ray Ray Richards; his punishment being to watch every Orioles game for the next three seasons. Deemed “exceedingly cruel” by various human rights organizations, the sentence sent shockwaves […]

The Fort Avenue pub crawl stabbing – Backlash and fallout

In case you were not paying attention to the Baltimore area internet in the past few days, it was initially reported on Monday by Sun reporter Justin Fenton that during a pub crawl along Fort Avenue on Saturday (an overlapping pub crawl not associated with the one plugged a few days prior), an altercation broke […]

Sweeney to Dixon: GTFO

Judge Sweeney is the man. He finally had the chance to voice his opinion today regarding Sheila Dixon and her trainwreck of a trial at her sentencing, sending her on her way to her remaining days of shame and relative obscurity (…and an $83k pension). His statement is a deliberate, nut kicking wakeup call to […]

The Dixon trial aftermath – hilarious edition

The entire virtual and physical city of Baltimore has been positively riveted and glued to any and all media sources for the past two weeks during Mayor Sheila Dixon’s trial. Despite the fact that her hired wizard managed to stave off several convictions of theft in the first of two trials against her, a single […]