Common sense washes over council member, citizens afraid

Well kiss my grits and break out the fine plastic china. As reported by the Sun’s B’More Green blog, Tim Wheeler tells us this morning that Jim Kraft, long time advocate of the proposed ban on plastic bags in grocery stores has somewhat reversed his opinion and opted for a program of mutual cooperation between […]

The Wonderful World of Carbon Offsets

So I’m browsing through my bank’s reward-related website so I can cash in my accumulated 15,000 or so bonus points that I’ve hoarded over the past four years or so, in an effort to maybe get something of value. And big shocker, the only thing worth trading those points in for is cold, hard cash […]

Baltimore News Threefer

(from Monday) Prosecutors try to make their jobs easier; slightly craftier murderers continue to murder Upon first glance, this plan ‘serves to increase the rate of convictions’ but if they outright refuse to prosecute a murder simply because they’re too fucking incompetent to protect a single witness or get them to testify, then we truly […]