When Paula Deen’s foot gets amputated, I’m buying it on eBay.

So I (and more than likely you too) hear a few days ago that Paula Deen, The Food Network star whose claim to fame is pretty much every dish having a very strong possibility of giving you a heart attack, was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This should come as no shock to anyone, judging […]

Political Correctness Gone Too Far: The Neighbor Who Cried Racist

Andy: I came home the other day to find a letter posted up by the mailboxes in my building. Apparently someone broke in to one of the apartments and stole some stuff. It was all very sad, but what I found almost more disturbing was the way other people in the building treated the poster […]

J&D’s Bacon Lube is, unfortunately, very real

And so it was, 2.5 years ago when the world was at the height of its almost irritating obsession with bacon when someone emailed me the apparent existence of a product – J&D’s Bacon Lube. Known for their oddball bacon products like Bacon Salt, Bacon Mayonnaise and various other bacon-related foods (but no actual bacon) […]

The trials and tribulations of Mahaffey’s ….beer club website

edit: Monseigneur Mahaffey’s email to the beer club regarding the site is at the bottom with an “it’ll be back folks!” Ever heard of Mahaffey’s (2706 Dillon St., Canton) beer club? The much beloved neighborhood establishment known for its giant burgers and decent happy hour has its own rather impressive operation celebrating its patrons who […]

The Passing of Owl Meat Gravy

(update: A small gathering to hang out and reminisce about OMG will be held at Little Italy’s Chipparelli’s this Sunday at 7:30pm. via Gorelick) Today is something of a shitty day for the Baltimore area Internet, for one of its more inexplicably entertaining individuals has passed: Owl Meat Gravy, aka Bob (in real life). Bob […]