GM sales up in China, here are some horrible Chinese crash test videos!

Widely widely reported today that General Motors is lauding their 6459867% increase in sales in China throughout 2010, a figure that might seem high upon first inspection, until you quickly search through the vast sea of Internets and realize that Chinese cars are either total knockoffs of better brands and models (the Shuanghuan Noble being […]

New! From Germany! This dogsh*t game!

In dem Falle, dass ihr noch keinen Plan habt, was ihr euren Kindern zu Weihnachten schenken wollt, versucht es doch mit diesem auf Hundescheisse basierenden Brettspiel! Der Sinn des Spiels ist sehr einfach: man füttert den Hund mit Plastikteilchen, würfelt und lässt den Hund auf eine Schaufel scheissen! Spass für die ganze Familie! Spielt ‘Kackel-Dackel’, […]

According to poll, Baltimore slightly less fun than Philadelphia and …Anchorage?!

While perusing ye olde Consuming Interests the other day, I came across a post regarding a poll that Travel and Leisure Magazine put out there comparing “America’s Favorite Cities,” a rundown of tourist destination cities broken down by category – Best time of year to go, cuisine, etc – and ranked according to reader votes. […]

T&T&A Book Party at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club

Next Thursday, September 9th at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club (409 E. Baltimore St., Downtown) from 8-11pm comes one of the more unusual book signings/parties I’ve heard of in a while (and by that I mean ever); NY based photographer Tony Stamolis’ recent release T&T&A – a book solely devoted to pictures of topless women alongside pictures of tacos and other Mexican food – is coming to town and doin’ it up The Block style right here in Baltimore. I thumbed through a few pages of the tome and what can I say, it’s a bunch of topless women and dirty Mexican food. So, if that’s your thing then by all means grab yourself a copy of the book next Thursday!