“It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without Downtown violence”

Police identify Alabama Man as person of interest in fatal stabbing tl;dr Baltimore is dangerous Baltimore’s long-standing tradition of horrible violence as celebration for our nation’s independence continued unabated Monday night as a nonfatal shooting, a fatal stabbing, and a toddler getting shot in the leg managed to happen despite the boosted presence of police, […]

WTF Baltimore FOP3, WTF

And there we all were, watching the Orioles proceed to give it allllll up to the Red Sox last night as the bullpen had what can only be described as a “goddamn meltdown” – the Baltimore Interwebs expressing its distaste with the team for essentially giving up a sure thing after practically sleeping their way […]

Update: The trials and tribulations of Jason Zink

Well good lordy, The Daily Record posted a somewhat-even-more-updated version of last month’s big tip pooling scandal update we posted, which I guess someone liked so much they CTRL-V’d the whole thing into a comment – the newer version contains some juicy bits; quotes from other owners, bartenders, and many of the parties involved (lawyers, […]

Restaurantileaks: New policies for Kali’s Restaurant Group

  A tipster recently sent me a three page copy of Kali Restaurant Group’s (of Kali’s Court / Meli / Mezze / Tapas Adela note in Fells Point) new set of policies for employees, and boyyyyyy howdy is it a pile of fun! For those of you in the service industry, you might enjoy the […]