Market Meltdown Hilarity

Due to America’s generalized penchant for wanton, evil greed and eventual financial worldwide crises, news today of Greece’s financial troubles some sort of ridiculous trading error in Proctor and Gable stock caused the stock market to launch into an unprecedented freefall and rebound – the likes of which the world has seldom seen. The upside […]

Fruit Bats – gettin’ it ON

It’s not often that I bother to make reference to the fact that professionally speaking, I am a bonafide grade A nerd-ass scientist who works with and studies animals. But this particular article recently published in PLoS ONE is just…. WAY too good to pass up saying something about. The article, entitled “Fellatio by Fruit […]

This Snuggie thing is absolutely out of effing control.

Yeah at first Snuggies were kind of funny to me. The cult-member appeal, the idea of wearing the equivalent of a hospital gown made of LUXURIOUS material granting everyone the ability to answer the phone without the major hassle that a blanket might confer, I could kind of see it. Plus, the commercials are a […]

Work Weirdos – Vol. 2

Anonymous sources are paydirt. This list of work weirdos makes me consider leaving the workforce altogether and digging a deep, deep hole somewhere out in West Virginia and never speaking to anyone ever again: Let’s see, where to begin? The guy who wears a captain’s hat like the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island? The woman with […]