Update: Judge sentences criminal to watch every Orioles game

Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam 4/13/2010
Last September, in what had seemed to be a routine reckless endangerment case, Baltimore City Circuit Court judge Sylvester B. Cox handed down a sentence to defendant Ray Ray Richards; his punishment being to watch every Orioles game for the next three seasons. Deemed “exceedingly cruel” by various human rights organizations, the sentence sent shockwaves through the community, both local and international.

Sadly, despite the moral support of his family and friends, Ray Ray Richards took his own life on Tuesday night after witnessing the Baltimore Orioles lose to Tampa Bay in the 10th inning by throwing himself into a woodchipper, unable to go through with the full term of his punishment.

Ray Ray’s wife, Loretta, supported her husband to the bitter end. “He looked hollow by the 7th game of this season. …like he wasn’t there any more, his eyes were all glassy and sunken. I admire his courage for taking his punishment for as long as he did, but the man I married had died long before April 13th.”

The Richardson family has not decided at this point whether to file charges against the Circuit Court, but papers show they have retained the services of Barry Glazer, world famous lawyer and animal/human rights advocate.

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