Tommy’s Downtown Tavern is the toehold Pigtown needs

A while ago I had heard through the grapevine (probably via @casey18cc and @carolott, who live within eyeshot) that Tommy’s Downtown Tavern (839 W Cross St, Pigtown) was for sale and was reminded again by reading it over on that Tom Fox is trying to sell the property to the “right person,” someone who […]

Help fund the running of the pigs, get cool stuff

The annual Pigtown Festival is upon us on October 19th and what would the Pigtown Festival be without the iconic Running of the Pigs (aka “The Squeekness”)? Adorable little sue-WEEthearts trotting along a makeshift racecourse covered in hay, delighting and DAZZLING children of all ages. Or something like that. At any rate with 12 days […]

Update: Baltimore Flyer Watch

Just barely shy of a year ago, Pigtown resident and illegal flyer hater JJT fired up the reigns on a citizen-justice blog entitled Baltimore Flyer Watch, an obvi homage-slash-emulation of prominent Baltimore Slumlord Watch, with the aim of posting photos of the various carryout establishments of the area cluttering his doorway with illegal flyers. And […]

Pertinent Baltimore Blog Crusade: fighting annoying advertising circulars

You know them, you hate them. Advertising circulars cluttering up your stairways, mailboxes, windshields, only to end up laying the gutter and adding to the city’s litter problem. Fortunately, our good curmudgeonly blogger in arms JJT has started his very own crusade against these papery menaces, the battle lines being drawn in SoBo’s Pigtown. Flyering […]