Joe Flacco, lyin’ down on the job

Joe Flacco, and the rest of the Ravens crew, with their utterly embarrassing defeat last night at the hands of the Denver Broncos may have been difficult to watch, but in such a defeat lies the greatest gift to mankind the NFL has ever provided: Now everyone is doin’ the Flacco, Flaccoing (or Failccoing, depending […]

A Forced Rivalry? part 2

When last we left the question about the whole “Baltimore versus Washington Sports” thing, I had what I thought was a shared opinion that the funny video in question expressing the idea that there’s some sort of rivalry brewing between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles was mostly contrived for the sake of a […]

3 Alternatives to PETA’s proposed help to keep the Poe House open

The Daily Record initially broke the news on January 31st that Baltimore’s Edgar Allen Poe house, a museum no one goes to, could be forced to shut down in 2012 unless it maintains funds previously given by the city to keep the Poppleton rowhome-slash-museum up and running. Over the course of the past few weeks […]