A Forced Rivalry? part 2

When last we left the question about the whole “Baltimore versus Washington Sports” thing, I had what I thought was a shared opinion that the funny video in question expressing the idea that there’s some sort of rivalry brewing between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles was mostly contrived for the sake of a funny video. But this current iteration pretty much sums every conversation I’ve seen between Ravens fans and Redskins fans in a nutshell, especially this week when we’re about to see the Beltway Bowl (Tickets available! Buy ’em while they’re hot!) go down this Sunday and everyone is on pins and needles with regard to the Raven’s performance after last week’s …. ugh. UGHGHGHGH. Loss to the Steelers.



And so here we are, with Baltimore vs. Washington, part 2 courtesy of Revolution Reels

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