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nachos paper moon It’s like, you know… I tried. I really tried. I tried my hardest to avoid watching the guy behind the counter making these nachos. Throwing a pile of chips onto a plate, throwing on some other stuff and a bunch of cheese, popping it into the oven for a minute or two, then dumping on literally a metric ton of salsa, sour cream and guac and putting it in front of me with a “BAM!”

Needless to say, you can barely see the tricolored chips used as the base for Paper Moon’s (227 W 29th St., Remington) Machos Nachos under so much salsa, and for 9 bucks (add 3 more for chicken or portabello mushrooms) you’d be well served to avoid them.

But for the sake of record, the nachos come with tomato, onion, black olives and the rest of the stuff I mentioned above. And to be blunt, they were hastily and poorly prepared. And very expensive, considering what you can get for less at other places (chart for comparison forthcoming!). In fact, some of the nachos I’ve had as of late may warrant a reevaluation of some of my other scores. This was just… guh.

One thing I would note that might be worth trying for the incredibly curious consumer – they have a variation on their standard nachos called “Vegan Nachos” that use hummus and cucumbers rather than sour cream and cheese, for the same price. This I think could be pretty interesting, but considering the quality of the regular nachos I didn’t want to consider it myself (that, and I was full from eating the ones I ordered)

…at least it’s over with.

Just barely 2 nachos out of 5

(view the NachoQuest map so far here)

2 thoughts on “NachoQuest – Paper Moon Diner

  1. You missed out. “Vegan Nachos” is by far the better of Papermoon’s nacho options. The hummus and guac are a superstar couple together.

    As far as Papermoon’s “Machos Nachos” is concerned…I don’t think you got their best rendition of it. It’s not a stunning plate of nachos by any means, but it’s normally not so sloppily buried like that.

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