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Macho Nachos
Macho Nachos
Imagine if you will for a moment, that you’re me – you’re sitting at the bar in Nacho Mama’s (2907 O’Donnell St., Canton), having Boh and waiting for your nachos quietly. Sizzling plates of fajitas are going by, tacos and piles of refried beans decorating every table. And then all of a sudden one of those sizzling plates is dropped right in front of you and you see this. What would you say?

Probably something like “HOLY SHIT.”

I literally had to lean back a foot or two to take this photo. And you’ll notice that you can’t actually see the other side of the plate, that’s how much stuff is piled onto it. These are truly Macho Nachos. Base price is $7.99, they come with beans, cheese, jalapenos (though not very many), with a sour cream and salsa center. Add beef or chicken for 2 bucks, veggies for one buck, or blackened chicken for 3 bucks.

Now since I’ve already done a few of these, I’m going to break this down into pros and cons, as these nachos have basically changed the game a bit and I’ll more than likely have to rethink the way I’m going about this:


  • Enormous serving. Truly insane amount of food, big points for that one considering the price.
  • Fresh jalapenos.
  • The plate is brought to you sizzling hot, with truly molten cheese that will destroy your soul it’s so good.


  • The salsa is not pico, in fact it’s more like marinara but with cilantro instead of oregano. It doesn’t taste bad per se, but it definitely tastes… different. There’s also some sort of lime flavor added that gives the whole thing a certain …wang to it. I can’t describe it, and neither could anyone else I gave a sample to.

But let’s face it, the cost/quality/quantity ratio here is out of sight. I believe the score is pretty clear here.

5 out of 5 golden nachos

(view the NachQuest map so far here)

3 thoughts on “NachoQuest – Nacho Mama’s

  1. I thought you were going to say it ends in puke! That’s usually what happens to me after I get nachos at Nacho Mama’s (OK, maybe only the crab nachos, once… and there was tequila too, of course).

  2. Nacho Mama’s was literally the only thing I liked about living in Canton. MMMMM. I may need this for dinner tonight. I really like the veggie nachos. They have like broccoli and carrots on them, which sounds weird, but is actually pretty delicious. And it makes me feel like I’m not totally breaking my diet…

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