Review II: Hello Fresh, Meat Edition

Get 30% Off on All boxes at HelloFresh! Use code 30FREE. Start enjoying real food – Shop now! A little while ago, blog friend Ann Marie reviewed the new, easy, fun meal delivery service Hello Fresh, which brings several meals to your door at an affordable price (roughly $10/meal per person) that you cook yourself. […]

Nachoquest: Barracuda’s

A number of months ago I had posted a thing about roasted pork sandwiches and how Locust Point’s Barracuda’s had a decent version of it, not long afterward I received an email about how I had BLOWN THE CHANCE to sample Barracuda’s nachos, which the emailer raved about. Time passed, I forgot about it, seasons […]

Brothers Sushi: First Impressions

It was a sad day recently when a Federal Hill sushi staple Nichiban finally closed its doors after many years and an eventual leasing issue (shocker) a few months ago, and in seemingly record time was replaced by Brothers Sushi, being helmed by a group of gentlemen very eager to serve the surrounding area even […]

Get some free pretzel action at the Inner Harbor Today

So National Pretzel Day is this Friday and one of the region’s best pretzel peoples, Snyder’s of Hanover (man I love Pennsylvania snack foods) is coming to town with some free stuff and a photo booth. Checkity check it: Charm City is one of five cities across the country where Snyder’s of Hanover will be […]

Nachoquest: C&R Pub

HOWDY Y’ALL! ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ RIP SNORTIN’ COWBOYS N’ REDNECKS IS A COUNTRY REDNECK BAR IN FEDERAL HILL AND THEY HAVE NACHOS!!! YEEHAW! RIDE ‘EM COWBOY! AND SO FORTH! Yeah so these nachos come with some sort of home made chips I think, a lot of cheese (hardly any naked chips, that’s good), roasted jalapenos, black […]

Nachoquest: Willow

Willow has been one of those establishments that has me a bit confused. With night and day reviews from the major local media outlets; beginning with the Sun’s favorable bar review and subsequent positive food review on one end, to CP’s rather underwhelmed take on the affair, it’s hard to put a finger on whether […]