I seriously don’t get this box of cheezit snack mix

Cheez It Snack Mix is pretty much my favorite. It has Cheez Its, which are great, and pretzels, which are also great, and those dumb little puff ball crunchy things and cheese dust covered Life Cereal pieces. All pretty great. But I was brainlessly staring at the rear of this particular box of Snack Mix […]

This Year’s Baltimore Farmer’s Market is Pretty Huge You Guys

Baltimore’s numero uno Sunday Farmer’s Market debuts in less than 48 hours (oddly timed with our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection, but whatever) and 2015 is shaking up to be VERY SPEND HAPPY for you, the interested consumer. A slew of new vendors have been added and the market boundaries have exploded beyond the confines of […]

Presenting: The Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl 2014

It’s impossibly insane to believe that after four years, A MARRIAGE WE’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR, and hundreds of dollars raised for local charities the 4th annual Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl is upon us yet again. On November 22nd, the sweatered masses will assemble yet again to rove the length of Boston Street and sweater […]