Presenting: The Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl 2014

It’s impossibly insane to believe that after four years, A MARRIAGE WE’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR, and hundreds of dollars raised for local charities the 4th annual Cosby / Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl is upon us yet again. On November 22nd, the sweatered masses will assemble yet again to rove the length of Boston Street and sweater […]

ALCS Tickets, by the numbers

(t/h TiqIQ for compiling the data) Previewing Orioles Tickets For the ALCS Beginning Friday, the Baltimore Orioles will make their first appearance in the ALCS since 1997. A year that saw the O’s take first-place honors in the AL East and post their best record (96-66) since their World Series win 31 years ago, the […]

CTB Podcast 76: Casey’s New Neck

Evan and Casey reconvene after a break to recap a bunch of events from the past few weeks, a review of “Print the Legend” on Netflix and a discussion of chicken wings prior to celebrating Orioles Magic and lamenting the stupidity of Michael Phelps.

Another Unicorn Dead: Cross Bar License Invalidated

  In setting what could only be described as a dangerous precedent today, Octogenarian Head of the Liquor Board Thomas Ward and Commish Dana Moore voted 2-1 to invalidate the 10,000 year old (but still in use yet) Cross Bar der Biergarten’s (12-18 Cross St, Federal Hill (theoretically)) liquor license, a bar that hasn’t even […]

CTB Podcast 63: CGI Bloodsplosion

After discussing all the important developments of our days including the necessity of The Expendables 3, The Podgang then proceeds to ditch talking about anything news related and goes straight into reminiscing about Pro Wrestling. In other words, it’s the greatest episode of the CTB Podcast to date.