Update: Baltimore Flyer Watch

Just barely shy of a year ago, Pigtown resident and illegal flyer hater JJT fired up the reigns on a citizen-justice blog entitled Baltimore Flyer Watch, an obvi homage-slash-emulation of prominent Baltimore Slumlord Watch, with the aim of posting photos of the various carryout establishments of the area cluttering his doorway with illegal flyers. And a year later, the carryout establishments have been busy, with dozens of flyers from numerous establishments having been having been posted.

And a year’s worth of flyers in and around the Pigtown area is great, but I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that these flyers are fairly and consistently prominent and annoying everywhere else, and so we’re looking for submissions from all over the city! You can either navigate here to file a report or email your flyer submissions directly, just attach the photo with a date and location along with the name of the offending establishment.

With your help, the new additions will make some sort of impact, reducing the amount of obnoxious litter cluttering our gutters and doorsteps. Best of luck, JJT!


7 thoughts on “Update: Baltimore Flyer Watch

  1. The Baltimore Sun sends out unsolicited papers on Wednesdays (mostly ads). I tweeted them about how annoying that was and they promptly stopped leaving them at my house. But still, there are all the annoying chinese food menus that restaurants hire people to deliver. I can guarantee them that it’s a total waste of money because when I finally get around to untying those things from my porch rails, they go straight to the recycling bin.  REALLY?  I consider people leaving those things in my yard to be littering! 

  2.  The “sign,” while a good idea from Councilman Kraft, does not address the heart of the problem, in my mind.  The issue, as I discovered in talking with the Sun reporter is that there is no connection between the actual citation and other action.  For example, when your vehicle is ticketed and you do not pay it, your automobile registration is flagged so that this is “addressed” at the time of renewal.  There is no such easy mechanism to flag a restaurant that has been cited many times to prevent them from getting the necessary permits they require to stay in business.  If that connection were present, then, perhaps, there might be a small dent made in this nuisance. 

    1. sure there is, if I don’t pay my sales tax or a various amount of other taxes that I pay, then I can not obtain my liquor license.  The liquor license has to be renewed yearly, unlike an automobile registration which is every other year.

      1. But there is no connection for this citation, i.e., whatever is used to track and centralize what businesses do does not take account of this specific citation and its nonpayment.  The example provided to me was a business in East Baltimore that had racked up somewhere near $10K in fines for this offense, yet they still received their health permits for food. 

        Dare I say that there is much more rigor on the renewal of liquor licenses than there is for the renewal of health permits.

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