The Maryland State Fair, in perpetuity

The cast and crew of The City That Breeds made its way to the Timonium Fair Grounds yesterday for the 10 billionth annual Maryland State Fair. Very little changes from fair to fair; the food is pretty great, the watermelons are still gigantic, the cows still smell, the rides are still way too expensive and the belt buckles all have confederate flags on them. So if you’ve got 8 bucks to spare and you want the opportunity to eat some deep fried oreos and see the world’s largest pig, this is the place for you!

The MD State Fair runs from August 27th until September 6th

Remembering Steeltown

Having read today’s totally amazing blogoentry by Sam Sessa featuring a promo video for the defunct Hammerjack’s, I find my brainstrings stretching far and wide enough to remember another club that was sadly not long for this world: Steeltown. Steeltown was a gargantuan, 32,000 square foot bar/restaurant/concert venue with an industrial theme, presumably an homage […]