Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Who Put That Black Mamba Snake in the Kitchen?!

Oh Boy! It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! On this episode two SCINTILLATING AND OR SPOOKY episodes are covered. See below! Free to watch episodes of Quantum Leap can be found on nbc.com. Wow!

Boogie Man: October 31, 1964
Season 3, Episode 5

Sam leaps into a 2nd rate HP Lovecraft, hopefully without the virulent racism! Can he save his fiancee from being strangled at midnight? Probably!

Leapy Inventions: Stephen Fucking King
Ziggy Gets It: RIGHT, eventually
Shirtless Sam Watch: sorry, no shirtless Sam

Miss Deep South: June 7th, 1958
Season 3, Episode 6

An incredibly problematic beauty pageant is afoot! But Sam isn’t there to put an end to it, he’s just there to dress in drag and kick a photographer in the nuts. Boomers wrote this show!

Leapy Inventions: None
Ziggy Gets It: Debatable, it really doesn’t matter, but consensus is WRONG
Shirtless Sam Watch: 28:34 AS A WOMAN WOWEE!

See ya next leap!

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